Party Store Setup

Party Store Set Up

Party stores, by their very nature, are difficult to open. Party stores are filled with an amazing variety of seemingly mismatched items. If you opened a stationery store, you would know just what items to buy. If you opened a clothing store or hardware store, you would know how to prepare for the grand opening. But a party store is different; it contains a hodgepodge of thousands of different items, including table cloth, hats, plates, cups, balloons, and much more.

The good news is that the items with which you stock your party store shelves will naturally be inexpensive. Opening a party store requires you to buy a tremendous amount of inventory, but this inventory is affordable to you. Don't let the low cost go to your head, however. Be sure to buy items that you know will sell well. Who cares if an item only cost you 40 cents, with the potential to earn you a profit of 60 cents, if you never sell that item?

Both Party Store Help and our parent company, Buckstore, Inc., can help you with the opening of your party store. Buckstore, Inc. is a store developer. Both Buckstore, Inc. and Party Store Help are proud members of the Better Business Bureau Reliability Program, through BBB Online. Buckstore, Inc. is a towering figure within the dollar store industry, known for helping stores open successfully through their flexible, savvy, and high-quality approach to store openings.Party Store Help is a subsidiary of Buckstore, Inc. We are your leading resource for the wide variety of items you'll need to open your store, and to keep its shelves filled once you're up and running. To learn more, call us toll free at 877-549-5210, or visit us at

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